About the Service

Our Intelligence Team are former military intelligence specialists, law enforcement and academia and are experts having worked in the field of information gathering, security and risk management for decades. Our strategic and tactical experts enable both long-term and short-term planning through our understanding of political, social, operational and environmental risks across both the AMEA region and globally. We are able to build and deliver bespoke intelligence capabilities – from the design and governance of intelligence functions, to the creation and delivery of policies, processes and reports specific to your needs. Our Risk Management Team is able to provide you with the insight to focus resources and ensure you are prepared to resolve issues and crises that occur when operating in complex and high-risk environments. Understanding risks through our analysis, advisories and insight can assist you and make the difference between success and safety, financial and reputational loss.

We believe that Intelligence is an essential component of any risk management strategy. Our team is able to deliver timely, reliable and accurate information specific to your requirements. The strength of our intelligence lies in our analysts’ expertise and commitment to our customers’ need. Decision-making is only as good as the information supporting it, especially so when managing real-time emergency situations. The accuracy of intelligence and the speed with which it can be presented and digested is therefore crucial in the decision-making process.

How Neptune P2P can help? Our team can provide bespoke strategic threat intelligence and analysis looking into emerging threats across the world. We provide tactical threat information and analysis of the intent and capability of threat actors to specific projects, areas, personnel or assets. Operationally, our localised monitoring of threats to your organisation, based on on-the-ground information, as well as monitoring open and closed sources, can enhance and support your business needs.