About the Service

Cyber Security Awareness Training is the process of educating crew and staff to understand, identify, and avoid cyber threats. An effective cyber security awareness training program addresses the cybersecurity mistakes that crew and staff are vulnerable to when using email and the internet. The ultimate goal is to prevent or mitigate harm—to both the organisation and its stakeholders—and reduce the human element cyber risk.

IMO Guidelines May 2021  highlight that “Regulations and laws are being brought in that will require owners, operators and managers to consider cyber risks, such as the IMO Guidelines on Maritime Cyber Risk Management (ResolutionMSC.428(98)) and the IACS Unified requirements on Cyber safety, E26 and E27.” E26 aims to ensure that the equipment onboard and ashore is updated and covers five key aspects, equipment identification, protection, attack detection, response and recovery. E27 aims to ensure system integrity is secured and hardened by third-party equipment suppliers.

Don't risk your business or reputation

In 2017, a well-known shipping company suffered a cyber-attack, taking their tracking operations and logistics offline for three days. Almost 50,000 endpoints and thousands of applications and servers across 600 sites in 130 countries were affected. There was a suggested loss of up to $300 million.

Address your Cyber Security vulnerabilities

Tackling your Cyber Security weaknesses will enable you to:

  • Mitigate against data breaches and cyber attacks
  • Reduce vulnerabilities and subsequent risk
  • Operate within IMO Guidelines

Educate your crew and port staff with Cyber Security Awareness training programme

95% of successful breaches are down to human error. Building awareness and a more cyber secure culture is key to reducing the human risk factor of cyber risk:

  • Build a cyber secure culture through Security Awareness Training
  • Automate training deployment to all crew over 12 months
  • Test crew members awareness through simulated phishing
  • Pull reports to track crew engagement, progress and performance

Train your crew and port staff to spot cyber security vulnerabilities and attacks with our cyber security awareness training program – Download the Flyer. Complete the form or Book a Demo and one of our experts will contact you.