About the Service

Neptune P2P Group has vast experience in ports and terminals security. We combine our skills in security risk management, maritime security, counterterrorism, and ship security management systems, in addition to our experience working with ports and terminals across the globe.   Weaknesses in port security and terminal security are regularly exploited and targeted by drug smugglers, human traffickers, terrorists, pirates, organised criminals, and those wishing to bribe, extort or threaten port staff for their own gain.   We have conducted numerous ISPS compliant Port Facility Security Assessments and Plans for Port Facilities across the Africa, Middle East, Asia regions either working directly for Port Authorities or Recognised Security Organisations.   We work closely with Port Stakeholders to ensure that all security plans and procedures are thoroughly understood and flawlessly implemented. Additionally we hold Government Accreditation to operate Port Facility Security Officer Training Courses. Our ISPS certified experts provide ISPS code familiarisation training, as well as security training.   To read more information on our certifications, accreditations, and flag states visit About Us.