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Our training course instructors are experienced security professionals and certified trainers, providing a diligent and progressive approach to training and instruction methods. Training content is both theory and practical and includes scenario based exercises to test and train course students in an effective and controlled manner. All trainers of conflict management and conflict resolution awareness modules are certified as level 3 trainers of conflict management and physical intervention skills for SIA Level 2 security Training.

Our full HEAT/HESAT training course is usually undertaken over a 3 day period, although our security awareness courses can be tailored to meet individual requirements and can be delivered on location in most global regions. For more information on course content and how we can assist to protect your organisation and personnel, please contact the NEPTUNE P2P GROUP Risk Management Team.

Course content

  • Environment and Situational Awareness
  • Introduction to Hostile and Challenging Environments
  • Global Security Threats and Motives
  • Travel Security & Journey Management
  • Personal Security
  • General Health Precautions
  • Conflict Management
  • Kidnap and Hostage Taking
  • Hostile Environment Medical Training
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Crisis Management
  • PR & Media Awareness
  • Communication & Information Security
  • Scenario Exercises and Emergency Drills

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