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Safety and Training

Neptune P2P Group Safety and Training

Risk Prevention Through Effective Training

Our security awareness training courses are realistic, relevant and progressive. They’ll make sure your personnel are fully prepared, and able to work with confidence. Everything we do is tailored to the specifics of your organisation and the environments you operate in. We cover everything – environmental and situational awareness, understanding security threats, pre-travel security awareness, conflict management, kidnap awareness, crisis management and medical first aid training.

Hostile Environment & Security Awareness Training

If you have staff heading into hostile environments, our training can help make sure they are ready for the full range of risks they may come into contact with. We deliver realistic, relevant and progressive training in all aspects of regional safety and security, from basic security threat and travel security awareness, through to conflict management, kidnap awareness and medical training.

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ISM and ISPS Marine Safety Management

Whether you are a marine offshore vessel operator, a cruise line operator, or responsible for running a port or terminal, we have the skills and expertise to conduct comprehensive safety and security audits that will give you the peace of mind that only comes from knowing you have all security risks covered.

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ISPS Code Ship and Port Facility Training

Our pool of experienced DFT and MCA accredited ISPS experts can provide training courses and training workshops in ISPS code ship and port facility security that are tailored to your specific needs. We have experience in undertaking ISPS ship and port facility security assessments, audits and preparing ship and port facility security plans.

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Crisis Management and Emergency Response Training

We provide bespoke Crisis Management Training to develop individual awareness and capabilities within your team through progressive teaching and scenario based training. Our training instructors are experienced professionals in corporate crisis response and working within hostile regions and challenging environments.

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Maritime Security Training

We’ve accompanied over 4,000 ships through high risk areas. We know exactly how to keep them safe, and we understand the evolving threats to the shipping industry. We can design a training course for your organisation that will help seafarers, mariners and crew to understand security counter measures and respond effectively to incidents whilst at sea.

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Effective Training Begins Today

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