Our intelligence network helping you plan better

When it comes to terrorism and security threats, the world can change in a heartbeat. We constantly monitor and evaluate regional threats, and give you intelligence updates and alerts that will help to keep you safe. Whatever the risk – natural disasters, humanitarian crises, political unrest, terrorism or something else altogether – we’ve got the information you need to stay safe.

Regional Security Intelligence

We use a combination of open source intelligence and ground intelligence reporting to identify risks to your business operations and travel security. We can then help you to interpret this information so that the decisions you make and the processes you implement stay one step ahead of the threats you face.

What we do in a nutshell

  • Intelligence reports
  • Security risk alerts
  • Security threat assessments
  • Travel security information
  • Risk assessment
  • Security risk forecasting

Maritime & Ports Intelligence

We also put our vast experience in maritime and ports security to good use, providing regional intelligence and port risk assessments. These can help support your decision-making when it comes to passage planning for international voyages. We can help you plan the safest route and provide intelligence updates on ports of call, and can advise you immediately if things change.

Manage Your Risk