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Capacity Building

Neptune P2P Group’s Capacity Building portfolio focuses on four themes: military, and law enforcement capacity building, inter-Government – focussed on Crisis Management and Emergency Response, and Event Safety and Security Management. Capacity building is different from training or courses – it is designed to build a client’s capacity to deliver a capability it does not possess or needs to develop to a higher level.

    Military Capacity Building

    The full suite of Special Forces and conventional military capability in the land and maritime domain. Examples of the types of training courses are provided below. However, due to the sensitivities of military capacity building, this service is not available to purchase directly through our website without consultation. This can be requested using the Contact Us form on this page. All specialist capacity building is subject to UK and host government approvals.

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        Law Enforcement Capacity Building

        Law Enforcement capacity building focuses on criminal investigations and a compliant pathway from intelligence gathering, evidence collection, search and seize, arrest and questioning through to the case development and prosecution. Local legislation is used as the foundation of the training which can be delivered for the land and maritime environments.

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            Crisis Management and Emergency Response Capacity Building

            Crisis Management and Emergency Response is aimed at the cross-Government response to a crisis, leading to an emergency response. The capacity building ranges from Ministerial level strategic decision making, through to the use of secretariats and operational command and control, to the emergency responders and their actions on the ground.

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                Event Safety and Security Management Capacity Building

                Event Safety and Security Management capacity building teaches how to audit, plan, brief and execute safety and security management of a large event in a stadium, conference centre or similar location. It covers the roles of stewards, supervisors and safety managers and includes Incident Control.

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