Protecting Your Assets

In the unpredictable world of shipping and maritime operations, you can rely on our expert security service. We know that your business is unique, which is why we don’t offer a one-size-fits-all solution. Instead, we’ll tailor what we offer so that it fits exactly what you need – whatever it may be.

  • Prepare

  • Prevent

  • Protect

  • Respond

  • Recover

Merchant Vessels

When it comes to keeping merchant vessels safe, we have experience – bags of it. We’ve carried out over 6,000 protected transits in the High Risk Area of the Indian Ocean and the West African Gulf of Guinea. With our specialist armed protection teams and security consultancy, you can rest assured that your ships, seafarers and cargo are safe.

We’ll keep you safe from piracy and any other threats, so that you can just concentrate on running your business.

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Cruise Ships

We keep cruise ships and their passengers safe at sea, protecting the reputation of the cruise ship operator at the same time. As with all our services, we can tailor our provisions to your needs – we offer everything from risk assessment to onboard protection services.

From piracy to terrorism, at sea and in port, protecting cruise ships is a complex business. That’s where our experience proves invaluable – we know what to look for, stopping security incidents before they happen.

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In a world where discretion is everything, our security measures will protect your superyacht and its passengers without ever intruding on you or your client’s activities. Our integrated approach to security management, close protection officers and yacht protection teams means that you can set sail with confidence.

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Oil & Gas

Our skills in safety, security and risk management are ideally suited to the marine offshore and oil and gas industries throughout Africa, the Middle East and Asia. Our offshore security and protection services are effective, reliable and affordable.

What’s more, we can also provide security training to facility security officers and staff to keep their skills and awareness relevant in an ever-changing security landscape.

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Ports & Terminals

Ports and terminals can be a security nightmare with multiple entry and exit points and lots of unknown variables. We take the stress away by providing risk management and security services to ports and terminals. We can conduct security surveys, risk analysis and gap analysis to help ports and terminals run their security more efficiently, as well as identifying potential weaknesses and keeping port authorities up to date with evolving security threats.

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BBC News Feature

Don’t just take our word for it – we were featured in a BBC Special Report produced by Frank Gardner. In it, he goes on board a ship protected by one of our Armed Security Teams while it passes through the Indian Ocean – a high risk area for maritime security.

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