Land Intelligence Report November 2023

Neptune P2P Group focuses on seven significant events for November’s Land Intelligence Report:

In the turbulent landscape of the Israel/Hamas conflict, recent events have unfolded with significant implications for regional geopolitics. A ceasefire in Gaza initially allowed for the exchange of hostages and humanitarian aid access. However, negotiations regarding a further extension have since failed and hostilities have resumed.

The regional implication of the conflict is spreading as Egypt faced a drone attack on 27 October, from Yemen-based Houthi rebels supported by Iran. Meanwhile, in Syria, US airstrikes on Iranian assets aimed to thwart Iran’s increasing support for Hamas and Hezbollah. Israeli intelligence reports exposed an arms smuggling operation from Iran to Gaza, potentially impacting Hamas’s capabilities.

On November 3, US intelligence revealed plans for Wagner Group to supply Hezbollah with advanced air defence systems, potentially escalating tensions.

Lastly, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, power cuts in Goma, caused by rebel group M23, escalated clashes and displaced 300,000, revealing the fragility of the region’s stability. Amidst these complex dynamics, Neptune P2P Group closely monitors the evolving landscape and its geopolitical implications. How will these events impact geopolitical stability and influence future events? Download the latest FREE Report.