Land Intelligence Report August 2023

Neptune P2P Group focuses on four significant events for August’s Intelligence Report:

In Niger, Neptune is assessing the ramifications of a potential ECOWAS intervention to restore democratic rule. In light of this, there has been increased militant activity in Niger which has resulted in the deaths of 17 service personnel from the Nigerien Armed Forces. Additionally, there are two significant questions that are being addressed: With the news of the death of Wagner Chief Prigozhin, what is the future of the organisation in Africa? And, as Gabon is currently facing a military coup to oust the President who has ruled for 14 years, what are the intentions of the junta?

The consequences of these events are far-reaching, and each has the ability to fan the flames of an already troubled region.

How will the increasing number of coup d’ etat’s and widespread geopolitical instability impact the future of West Africa?

Neptune P2P Group - Monthly Intelligence Land Report - August 2023