Securing your Superyacht

Securing your Superyacht means finding ways to protect your assets, crew, and guests from any such maritime security threats. This has been the focus of the yacht owners for years.

According to the statistics, half of the world’s net wealth belongs to the top 1% of the population. Owning a superyacht is one way the mega-rich can travel the world in relative safety and privacy, however, in recent years, modern technology has created new threats to the personal privacy and security of these high-net-worth individuals and their business interests as their previously safe-havens become the target of criminal activity. Often viewed as a soft target, super and mega yachts now face an array of physical and technological threats, not only are the occupants at risk from piracy, kidnap, ransom and theft but they are also prime targets for ‘Cyber-Criminals’ stealing confidential information about the owner or even that of influential clients. Superyachts are also equipped with the latest electronic equipment, from GPS
and navigation systems to chart displays and information systems (ECDIS), which can be hacked into to gain control of a vessel leading to a risk of extortion by those that are intent on conducting criminal activity.

Specialist training such as SAFE training will allow your crews and security teams to make better-informed decisions based on a clear appraisal of any situation. Download the latest Intelligence Report on Securing your Superyacht & What you need to know?

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