Martyn’s Law – Scope, Compliance & Training

In the second of our reports Martyn’s Law – Scope, Compliance & Training, we have focussed on the anticipated scope of the legislation, what businesses will need to do to be compliant, and what training will be given to assist responsible persons. The Protect Duty legislation now to be known as Martyn’s Law will become law (when parliamentary time allows) sometime during the Autumn 2023 sitting in the House of Commons. The purpose of the Bill is to safeguard the public and staff of certain public locations and venues to ensure preparedness, protection and response to an act of terrorism. Those responsible for the qualifying venues and locations will be required by law to implement proportionate and appropriate mitigation measures. Training guidance and support for businesses will be provided through an online platform developed by the National Counter Terrorism Security Office (NaCTSO). Martyn’s Law is intended to protect the public from events such as the Manchester Arena bombing in 2017, implementation of the law will require buy-in from all sectors of the security industry and business organisations if it is to be effective in preventing further terrorist attacks on the UK mainland. Is your business ready for Martyn’s Law? Download our latest Spotlight Report on Martyn’s Law – Scope, Compliance & Training.

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