Incident Alert – Vessel Circled by UAV – Gulf of Oman

INCIDENT ALERT – Vessel Circled by UAV – Gulf of Oman
Date: 18 Nov 2022 0646 UTC 
Position: 23 2716N – 59 32 42E
Location: 50nm South East of Muscat


Incident Details:

UKMTO have released Advisory 002/Nov/2022. The advisory states that a vessel was circled by a 12’’ UNMANNED AIR VEHICLE (UAV) in the Gulf of Oman/Arabian Sea, approximately 50nm southeast of Muscat. The vessel and crew are safe.

Neptune p2p Group - Missile Attack Ash Shihr Oil Terminal - Yemen


Intelligence Comments:

Although this event may not appear significant in its own right, due to the location and the recent ‘suicide’ Drone attack against the Israeli owned Pacific Zircon, it is possible the two incidents are connected. Vessels should remain vigilant when transiting the region.