Somalia: Puntland probes Iranian boat escape

BOSSASO, Somalia-Iranian fishing trawler seized by Puntland Marine Forces made a surprise escape at Bossaso seaport late on Friday night, prompting for government to open a probe into the incident, Garowe Online reports.

On escape, coastguard units fired at the Iranian boat, with heavy sound of gunfire being heard across Bossaso.

Puntland Ports, Marine Transport and Counter-Piracy Minister Abdullahi Jama Salah has given further details of how the vessel snuck away from the fortified area mysteriously.

Salah blamed Puntland Maritime Police Force (PMPF) soldiers for firing wrong shots, saying the incident is being investigated.

Puntland minister also complained that the marine force units are not charged with the security of the port, and it was the port security that would track down the sailors in the escaping Iranian boat.

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