Somalia: Bank helped Somali piracy and al Qaeda

For the last 3 years , Salam Somali Bank established its branches inside and outside of Somalia and neighboring countries such as Djibouti.

The Bank helped Somali piracy and al Qaeda-aligned militant of Al-Shabaab in many directions including finance .

According to Somali Monitoring Group Mohamed Abdi Hassan Afweyne, Hassan Afrah, Khalif Gadale and Mohamed Gafaje have their bank accounts in Salam Somali Bank.

It is the first bank that made easy for its clients regardless terrorists or non-terroriststo take moneyby means of digital payments: VisaCard and Mastercard.

The Bank is building a new villa, Darusalam City, in Yaqshiid district of Mogadishu and it hires non-smokers and only covert-radicals that have a link with Taliban ideology.

The building which will be Banks, Mosques, Madaras, Supermarkets, Hospitals that are under construction will be a staging ground for a mid-and-long terms.

The Bank unlike Al-Shabaab wants to dominate the banks, Media ,etc before waging Jihad against what they call “infidels.

Here we are publishing the United Nation’s Monitoring Group’s report about the Jihad and piracy money.

162. The Monitoring Group has identified 4 of Afweyne’s bank accounts in 3 different banks. Three bank accounts are located in Mogadishu and one is in Hargeisa:158

(1) Bank account A with the Salaam Financial Services Bank in Hargeisa reportedly has a balance of USD 900,137 and is registered with a proxy account holder named “Amina Mohamed Abdi Hassan”, a Member of the Federal Parliament of Somalia and allegedly a member of Afweyne’s family;159

(2) Bank accounts B and C are in the Salaam Somali Bank in Mogadishu, which is associated with the Salaam Financial Services Bank in Hargeisa and the Salaam African Bank in Djibouti.160

(3) Bank account D is in Bank X in Mogadishu.

Pirate negotiator “Ali”

177. During the course of 2011, Somali pirate negotiator “Ali”, negotiated the release of a hijacked tanker.177 When negotiations were nearing their final stage, Ali attempted to extort a multi thousand dollar side payment in compensation for his services, and provided the ship owner with a bank account number at the Salaam African Bank in Djibouti for the transfer:178 In addition, Ali provided the number of a second bank account in the Salaam Somali Bank in Mogadishu, affiliated with the Salaam African Bank in Djibouti. The second account included the name of the account holder.179

178. Further to these established facts, the Monitoring Group was informed that the owner of the Salaam African Bank account number in Djibouti, who is believed to be negotiator Ali, is a friend and business partner of the owner of the Salaam Somali bank account number in Mogadishu and allegedly the first “cousin” and son-in-law of Ali Ahmed Nur Jim’ale, the Al-Barakat owner formerly sanctioned by the United Nations. The first “cousin” and son-in-law was also said to be working at the Salaam African bank in Djibouti and to operate a car business with Ali.180

By Jeffrey Shipy


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