Pirates kidnapped two seamen from offshore vessel Bourbon Liberty 251 in Gulf of Guinea

Pirates attacked the offshore supply vessel Bourbon Liberty 251 around 55 nautical miles off Brass, Niger Delta and kidnapped two crew members. The hijacked crew members are the Master of the vessel (Russian national) and an able seamen of Nigerian nationality. The offshore supply vessel Bourbon Liberty 251 was attacked by 6 heavily armed men, who reached her with a fast boat. According to the witness evidence, they were well organized and looted the ship, damaged all communication equipment, kidnapped two seamen and fled in eastern direction. The other seamen succeeded to hide in ship’s engine room during the piracy attack.

After the accident, the offshore vessel successfully reached Onne in Nigeria with remaining the 10 crew. All people are safe and without injuries. The Nigerian Navy was informed about the accident and started an investigation for the people in captivity. The French offshore vessel operator Bourbon set up an emergency cell and keep in direct contact with the crew members’ family to support them while the situation unfolds.

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Via: http://www.newsmaritime.com/