Libya Oil Guard Seeks Arms to Fight Islamists Near Ports

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Libya’s Petroleum Facilities Guard said the force needs more weapons to combat Islamic State, which is seeking to control an area near oil ports.

“Battles in populated areas cannot be won by air power alone, ground forces are needed and we, once again, affirm that we can do it if weapons and ammunitions are made available,” said the PFG in an e-mailed statement addressed to the internationally recognized government, one of two administrations ruling the divided country.

Islamic State repressed a revolt last week in Sirte, a city in central Libya that it overran in June, executing a number of people who rose against its rule, according to the Libya Herald newspaper. Sirte, the home town of former leader Muammar Qaddafi, is 190 kilometers (120 miles) west of Es Sider, the North African nation’s largest oil port, under PFG control.

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