Huge Arms at al-Qaeda’s Dens in al-Mukalla, Confirming Plans to Establish Emirate

Musaid Al-Zayani

Abu Dhabi- “The campaign launched by the coalition and government forces in Yemen to clear al-Mukalla Governorate has revealed the presence of large amounts of heavy arms and high explosive ammunitions hidden at government headquarters or other places and were used by al-Qaeda militants before they were expelled from the city,” informed sources from the Arab Coalition to Support Legitimacy in Yemen said.

Various types of heavy arms were found at al-Qaeda’s hideouts, the sources told Asharq Al-Awsat. These arms include “T-55” tanks, “Mortar” cannons, “Tochka” and “Katyusha” missiles, explosives, anti-tank mines.

Despite finding this large amount of weapons, Yemeni government and coalition forces have also found two local plants that have been constructed by the terrorist organization; the first is specialized in manufacturing improvised explosive devices, and the second is specialized in booby-trapping cars.

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