Email could exonerate Enrica Lexie marines

NMS Note: This article was auto-translated by Google from the original Italian. Some errors may remain.

ROME – A document might exonerate Salvatore Girone and Massimiliano Latorre , the two marinesarrested in India for killing two fishermen in February 2012. This is the email with which the commander dell’Enrica Lexie, the cargo on board of which were serving the riflemen of the Navy, warned the authorities of being attacked by pirates.

The email, exclusively published by the weekly Today,  was sent February 15, 2012 at 19:15. That is two and a quarter hours before the shots that hit to death the two fishermen who, according to the testimony of the owner of the vessel St. Anthony, took place at 21:30. That evening, then, there were two shootings, not just one. Two separate incidents.

In the email of seven in the evening the captain of the freighter, Umberto Vitelli, communicates to ‘ ship owner Fratelli D’Amato,  the Grecale military ship, the Maritime Security Centre Horn of Africa and at the United Kingdom Trade Marine Operations the incident, saying it was occurred around 16 by six armed men.But the owner of the vessel on the St. Anthony which killed the two fishermen, has always said that the shots hit them at 21.30 (also now Indian).

Not only that the incident denounced by email would be at about 20 nautical miles from Allepey Town (India) , while the owner of the vessel, Freddy Bosco, said that the incident had occurred off the coast ofKollam, ie to 27 miles from the position declared by Vitelli.

In short, according to the document published by Today it would be two different incidents.


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