VIDEO: Plymouth warship shows who they support for the weekend’s big game


A Plymouth-based Royal Navy ship’s company have been showing off their unique rugby skills and making it clear who they want to win this weekend’s Army/Navy rugby match.

A short video produced by HMS Monmouth features some expert ball handling skills and nifty new tricks that professional teams might learn from.

The crew of the Plymouth based frigate produced the quirky video to voice their support for colleagues playing against the Army this Saturday at Twickenham Stadium in front of 65,000 spectators.

But Monmouth’s cry has been echoed by Royal Navy personnel deployed around the world on land, at sea and in the air; “We’re supporting the Navy rugby team – pass it on!”

Currently deployed in the Gulf, the Captain of the ‘Black Duke’s’ rugby team, Petty Officer Jonny Keiller, is even seen sporting a Royal Navy rugby shirt as he lends his support to the Senior Service’s team back in the UK.

He said: “There’s just something about the Army/Navy match which brings us all together in support. There’s inter-service rivalry at every level but it really comes out on the playing-field.”

All departments onboard Monmouth got involved in filming the video to show support with the ball being passed from gun directors through engine rooms to stores accountants and across missile silos and galley counters.

Even the Royal Marines and Royal Navy boarding teams got in on the act, conducting passing practice between the ship’s 2 PAC 24 seaboats, Panther and Scorpion.

Aircraft Engineering Technician, Si Pellow, 24, from Helston, Cornwall, winched the match ball down from the Ship’s Lynx Mark 8 helicopter ‘Black Knight’ onto the flight deck, where 3 Royal Marines received it, ready to deliver it to the Commanding Officer on the bridge wing.

HMS Monmouth is in the final stages of a 7 month deployment to the Gulf region as part of an international effort to deter piracy and smuggling, taking her turn to provide the standing commitment to Maritime security in the region which the Royal Navy has maintained for over 30 years.

Handing over the duty to fellow Welsh affiliated warship HMS Dragon this month, the Black Duke will then return to the UK just before she celebrates her 20th year of service.

Army vs Navy begins at 10:30 on Saturday 27 April at Kneller Hall, London where the Veteran and Women’s matches take place. This is followed by the main event at 3pm, the Army/Navy showdown in front of 65,000 fans in Twickenham Stadium.


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