UN Warns: Mexican Border Global Pathway for Illegals From Horn of Africa

The United Nations Office on Drugs & Crime (UNODC) recently released a report, “Transnational Organized Crime in Central America & the Caribbean,” that identifies both Mexican cartels & street gangs as conduits for individuals from Africa & Asia entering the U.S illegally. The report identifies the Islamic terrorist haven of Somalia as being one of the nations from which the illegal U.S. bound border-crossers are originating.

The UN Threat Assessment‚Äìwhich refers to illegal aliens as ‚Äúirregular migrants” ‚Äìstates:
Central Americans are not the only ones being smuggled through Mexico to the United States. Irregular migrants from the Horn of Africa (Eritrea, Somalia, & Ethiopia), as well as South Asia (Bangladesh, Nepal, India), China, & other African & Asian states are being smuggled throughCentral America.

The National Counter-Terrorism Center (NCTC), which serves as the primary organization in the United States Government for integrating & analyzing all intelligence pertaining to counterterrorism, states that much of Somalia was taken over by Al-Shabaab, the militant wing of the Somali Council of Islamic Courts, before it entered a phase of on-and-off control of various key regions of the failed nation.
Similarly, the nonpartisan Council on Foreign Relations in-depth analysis of Somalia states:
Its porous borders mean that individuals can enter without visas, & once inside the country, enjoy an almost complete lack of law enforcement. Somalia has long served as a passageway from Africa to the Middle East based on its coastal location on the Horn of Africa, just a boat ride away from Yemen. These aspects make Somalia a desirable haven for transnational terrorists, something Al-Qaeda has tried to capitalize on before, & is trying again now.

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