U.S. to Drop Piracy Case Against Somali

Associated Press report that US Federal prosecutors are to drop their case against Somali translator, Ali Mohamed Ali. 

Late last year, a US jury couldn’t come to a decision on two charges levelled against Ali. He had already been found not guilty of piracy but the US Justice Department decided to go for a retrail on the charges the jury failed to reach a verdict on.

Over the weekend, the US Attorney office for the District of Columbia said it had reviewed the case and agreed that prosecutors were obligated to dismiss the remaining charges, AP reports.

“We stand by the original decision to bring charges against Mr. Ali, which was justified by the evidence presented at trial of his role in piracy and hostage-taking, but recognize that in our system it is jurors who must find the defendant guilty beyond a reasonable doubt to hold him accountable,” the U.S. attorney’s office told the Associated Press.

Via: Associated Press