Two French yachtsmen rescued in an area affected by piracy

The two crew of French yacht had launched a distress call after engine failure.

The crew of two yachts had launched a distress call after engine failure. The call was intercepted by a German maritime patrol aircraft, participating in the European naval force. He was immediately relayed to the Force Commander, the Admiral Guido Rando against aboard the frigate Andrea Doria.

As he was the closest ship war, the Andrea Doria has scrambled its helicopter and headed for the boat to give assistance.

On site, a team of engineers from the frigate joined the boat and after a few hours, repaired the engine inoperative.

Four days later, on August 16, again, German maritime patrol aircraft received a distress call from the same boat. The latter could no longer govern and called fuel to the port nearest safe.

The Spanish frigate Navarra , which was heading to the same port, received orders to join the boat to give assistance. The next morning, about 5:00, the frigate located the boat adrift.

After repairing the rudder and provided the necessary fuel, the Spanish frigate accompanied the boat until he joined the safety of the nearest port.

About the assistance given to this sailfish, against Admiral Rando said: “The two crew members of the sailboat were very lucky. They were in a perilous situation. Not only is their engine had failed, but they sailed and more in an area where pirates have attacked small ships like this. Although the threat of attack decreased, do doubt that it remains. If we let our guard down, there’s a good chance that piracy return. ”

Threat assessment by the International Counter Piracy Naval Forces is and remains that all sailboats sailing alone, should stay out of the high risk area, or risk being beaten and held hostage for ransom. The yachts are highly vulnerable to hacker attacks.


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