Twelve Somali pirates pursued by the State of Mauritius

Twelve Somalis arrested earlier this year off the coast of Somalia for alleged piracy are prosecuted by the State of Mauritius, it was learned at the office of the public prosecutor on Wednesday.

According to the indictment, they continued to “piracy on the high seas” in violation of the law on maritime violence of 2011 in Mauritius.¬†The trial is expected to begin in September of this year.¬†At their first appearance in court, the Somali pirates have denied that, saying that they are just simple fishermen.¬†Twelve suspected pirates were arrested on January 5 during a raid by U.S. naval forces following a distress call from a boat of general merchandise that had been attacked off the Somali coast.

[N.B. This article was translated from French by Google Translator.]


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