Triple Bintan attack

Three vessels were attacked within the space of a week off the Indonesian island of Bintan, according to security consultants.

The first attack was on 3 May when five robbers attempted to board a chemical tanker in position 01° 24.4’N 104° 41’E about 12nm north-north-east of Pulau Bintan.

Reports say the robbers aborted mission once the crew sounded the alarm. Nothing was stolen and none of the crew was harmed.

Less than a day later another chemical tanker was boarded by robbers in 01° 27.2’N 104° 35.2’E about 13nm north of Pulau Bintan.

The tanker’s engine spares were said to have been stolen. The crew mustered and broadcasted a security message to surrounding vessels.

Three days later on 7 May an anchored product tanker was boarded by four armed individuals in position 01° 28.7’N 104° 40’E about 15nm north east of Pulau Bintan.

On this occasion the robbers fled empty handed after the ship’s crew raised the alarm.

Details of the three incidents come in the latest piracy report from UK-based security consultants AKE Maritime.

Instances of low level robberies at Indonesian anchorages continue to figure prominently in maritime reports.

“They underline the requirement to maintain an alert duty crew at all times, and ensure basic security measures are well-rehearsed and adhered to,” said AKE Maritime.

“Almost all attacks are opportunistic ‘smash and grab’ type robberies on vessels in port or at anchor.”


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