Tech deployed on the ground and in the air to secure Suez

Cairo: Sources within the army say that a new network of motion sensitive cameras, equipped with night vision, have been installed along the 190 km long Suez Canal to monitor and secure the convoys of ships crossing the Suez Canal from so-called “terrorist elements”.

The cameras are set 3 km deep from the waterway and on both sides, aimed at ensuring no one will be able to pass through undetected.

On top of that a central operations room has been created and aircraft also equipped with high tech cameras are scanning the canal too.

The increased security comes after a couple of ships were attacked in recent weeks by the al Furqan brigade, a group that has promised further, more severe strikes on the waterway.

Meanwhile, the Egyptian military continues to target militants in the northern Sinai area.  [09/09/13]


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