Statement issued by International Tanker Management (ITM) Holding Ltd: On the killing of Pinoy seafarer of oil tanker PYXIS DELTA

Statement issued by International Tanker Management (ITM) Holding Ltd
07/02/2013 received via email

Pyxis Delta, © Pyxis Maritime

Pyxis Maritime Corp. as owners and International Tanker Management (ITM) Holding Ltd. as managers of the product/oil tanker PYXIS DELTA, report that the vessel was the subject of an unsuccessful pirate attack at Lagos anchorage on the 4th of February.


The tanker was boarded by armed pirates and gun fire was exchanged at approximately 00.40 hrs local time. The security team (armed guards) on board immediately activated anti-piracy measures of resistance and the pirates escaped.

Regretfully, one Filipino crew member suffered a bullet wound and was transferred to the hospital. His injuries proved fatal and the much valued and able seaman passed away following his arrival at hospital. Pyxis Maritime, ITM and their crewing agency, in deep shock from this tragic event, are in touch with his family for support and comfort. All sympathy and condolences are extended to them at this tragic time.

All surviving crew members families have been contacted and have been re-assured that their loved ones are safe and well on-board with increased security team presence.

We are currently conducting an investigation and we are cooperating fully with all relevant authorities regarding this incident.

The vessel arrived at Lagos anchorage on the 12th of January and since then has been discharging her cargo by Ship-to-Ship transfers.

Issued by Pat Adamson
Tel – +44783 6766 947


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