Somaliland :Coast Guards Detain Nine Suspected Pirates

Somaliland Marines and coast guards have detained nine suspected pirates at the same time impounding a high speed motor boat they were planning to use in attacking ships inside Somaliland eastern coast when their plot was foiled yesterday.

The Commander of Somaliland marines forces Admiral Ahmed Aw Osman speaking to the press said, “We Got information suspected to be pirates had departed from their base near the port city of Bosaso in neighboring Puntland and were headed to Somaliland eastern coast in a bid to hijack vessels.

“With this information we decided to act by mobilizing our marine forces from Berbera ,Ceel Daraad and Shalacow in a move to intercept would be pirates who were later caught after the tried to loose Somaliland marines who were pursuing them for several hours that’s when they realized their efforts to escape by sea were narrow ,they decided to throw their weapons into the sea before abandoning their craft by disembarking in a place called Kaligii Waqal which lays between Shalacow beach and Conqor in Sanaag region, stated the Admiral.

The commander of the marine forces went on to say “We now have in our custody nine suspected pirates at the same time impounding a craft they were using and they will be arranged in court of law soon,.

The government of Somaliland is not only committed to fights against piracy and has in pursuit of this goal, last year the Somaliland government passed Law no. 52/2012 on the Suppression of the Crime of Piracy and Law no. 53/2012 on the Exchange/Extradition of Prisoners (including pirates).
The passing of these laws by the parliament makes Somaliland a partner with the international community in the fight against and the suppression of the crime of piracy. In addition, the passing of these laws will allow the government to enter into bilateral and multilateral agreements with like-minded states in the fight against piracy.

Currently Somaliland plays host to several dozen pirates who are serving time in an ultra-modern UN funded prison in Hargeisa.

Goth Mohamed Goth


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