Somalia: Rebirth of Somalia navy

Mogadishu ( the last twenty one year that the navy was none existing one. Today was the date the Somali navy created in 1951. Where ministers of the federal government of Somalia attended the celebration and they praised how important it is to have Somalia navy who will protect our ocean, also will restore calm in the sea and ocean so that the pirates will no longer disturb people again.

Admiral Farah Qare the commander of the Somalia navy said that the Somalia navy has broken the pirates and won the free movement of the boats and ships at the ocean once again after years of troubles.

Different head of departments attained the function and they stated that the Somalia navy should be given a chance and support in order to prove their existence once again.

Also the minister of defense who attained the function said that it is a high time for us to stand with Somalia navy so that also we can request the foreign government to assist us.


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