Somalia: Puntland to open maritime training schools

GAROWE, Somalia Sep. 10, 2013 (Garowe Online) –Puntland’s Minister of Fisheries Mohamed Farah Adan unveiled that Puntland Government in northern Somalia is planning to open maritime training schools in two coastal towns, Garowe Online reports.

“A plan is underway to open two marine schools in Qaw and Eyl coastal towns,” Mr. Adan said in an interview with Garowe Online on Tuesday.”It aims to boost Puntland’s fisheries industry and to improve the skills of ministry staffers and local fishermen”.

Speaking about the achievements of his ministry, he noted that the government paved a way greater utilization of marine resources and provided alternative livelihood for coastal youth who had been part of pirates, “Mastering many difficulties is not simple, Ministry of Fisheries alongside FAO will inaugurate new fish market with modern refrigerators in Bossaso,” Mr. Adan added referring to the upcoming plans.

“The ministry will momentarily announce the construction of harbour areas where fishing boats would be docked”.

Puntland Fisheries Minister stressed the need for ID cards distribution to local fishermen in an effort to allow them free driving in territorial waters as international warships on anti-piracy patrol firmly deal with anybody to be suspected of being pirate.



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