Somalia: Puntland Marine Police Forces mark 3rd anniversary

The Puntland Marine Police Forces (PMPF) has on Saturday celebrated their third anniversary at a base near Bossaso port city in Puntland on Somalia’s northeastern tip, Garowe Online reports.

A colorful ceremony held at the main base was attended by PMPF Chief Admiral. Abdirizak Dirie Farah, Puntland defense forces and police officials, traditional elders and intellectuals.

On the occasion of the celebrations marking the 3rd anniversary of Puntland Marine Police Forces (PMPF), Admiral. Farah discussed the reasons behind the establishment of Puntland marine forces and the achievements that they have accomplished over the past three years.

“We have so far encountered many challenges, devoted forces lost their lives on duty whereas others were wounded. The outcome is that the operations against pirates yielded fruits and piracy activities had been declined significantly,” Farah, PMPF chief said at the event.

Admiral Farah expressed hope about the future of anti-piracy operation and called upon the marine forces to courageously engage in pirates, “You (PMPF) should firmly deal with criminals, because we are targeting at greater level of success and progress”.

At the end of the commemoration event, certificates of acknowledgement were handed out to some of Puntland marine forces who have made concerted efforts and anniversary parade took place on base’s avenue, with Puntland government officials and other participants present.

Under Somalia’s first and only anti-piracy law, Puntland government in northern Somalia established marine forces in October 2010, in a bid to provide maritime security in the Gulf of Aden and off horn of Africa.

According to Puntland officials, with the help of United Arab Emirates (UAE), PMPF deterred pirate attacks which mainly affected commercial maritime routes and international navigation.



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