Somalia: Puntland launches new counter Piracy camp in Eyl district

Puntland’s Maritime police Chief Abdirisaq Diriye has laid foundation stone for a new Counter piracy camp in Eyl seaside district despite the state was suffering growing piracy threats in the last five years.

The site was scheduled to launch close range attacks on the suspected individuals and their hideouts in the region according to Abdirsaq Diiriye.” The administration has zero tolerance piracy attacks on the local and foreign shipments and the camp was set to facilitate our force’s trainings” Abdirsak said.

Recently EU has been extended its Atlanta operation in Somalia by two more years. The European Union said the extension term was meant to protect UN aid shipments in Somali Sea from Piracy hijackings.

“We are asking Eyl residents to collaborate with the camp officials in order to eliminate Somali piracy threats in the region. Eyl district was the largest Somali piracy stronghold four years back, but region coast guards backing by Atlanta naval forces weeded out the piracy from the district.


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