Somalia: Puntland Govt Offers Amnesty to Pirate Linchpin

Bossaso — Puntland Government in northern Somalia has offered an amnesty to pirate kingpin Isse Mohamoud Yusuf (Isse Yuluh) who generated huge profit from the illicit profession, Garowe Online reports. Isse Yuluh on Saturday arrived in Bari regional district of Armo which is situated 100km south of Gulf of Adan port city of Bossaso according to multiple independent sources.

Following over a month-long discussions between President Gaas’ administration and senior pirate boss, Key presidential officials are said to have received Yuluh in Armo. Puntland Government officials declined to comment on the issue when contacted for details by GO.

Presidency sources further noted that the government lured Yulux into an agreement that would pave the way the informal handover of fighting vehicles and armed-trucks as well as integration of militiamen into Puntland Defence Forces (PDF). The military gears will be positioned on the front lines, sources stated.

In March 2013, speaking on Pro-Puntland Government radio station, Daljir Isse Yuluh declared that he decided to quit piracy activities and slip back to development initiatives.

“From now on, I tell Puntland Government, Federal Government of Somalia and International Community that I vacated pirates arena,” said Yuluh.”I am in extreme vicinity near the Indian ocean and I have been campaigning for the removal of young men from piracy industry”.

Isse Yuluh alongside co-organizers and principal financiers reportedly involved in violent inter-clan feud in Bari region by arming militias and smuggling in small arms and pick-up trucks into peaceful areas.

Yuluh and his militia secured more than $12 Million from the capture of MV Royal Grace chemical tanker and the MT Smyrni oil tanker which were freed in March 2013. His militiamen held captive a Danish family consisting of father, wife and three teenage children in September 2011.

UN Monitoring Group reported the leading Somali pirates including Isse Yuluh to the security council. During former Puntland President Abdirahman Mohamed Farole’s tenure of office, Puntland Marine Forces were in manhunt for the retired Yuluh and his gangs in pirate enclave areas in Bari region.

The counter-piracy unit clashed with Isse Yuluh militia in the outskirts of Bali Dhidin village in late 2012 as part of intense campaign against high seas crimes.


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