Seychelles: Prosecutors enhance capacity to try pirates

A group of prosecutors have successfully completed an advocacy training programme run jointly by two British prosecutors and EUCAP Nestor.

The purpose of the training was to enhance the capacity of Seychelles prosecutors to prosecute trials, in particular piracy trials, through developing advocacy and presentational skills.

The training programme, which lasted for nine weeks, covered an array of theoretical topics as well as mock trials exercises.

“The fight against piracy is not only about interdicting and capturing pirates,” says the British high commissioner, Lindsay Skoll. “It is also about prosecuting them. That is why the UK high commission’s two seconded prosecutors, together with EUCAP Nestor, have delivered this training.”

This training is part of a larger capacity-building programme that will be extended to other parts of the judiciary and other agencies involved in maritime security and governance.

“EUCAP Nestor works on enhancing capacity in the entire chain of counter-piracy,” says Country Team Leader, Fredrik Lindblom. “The Attorney General’s Office is a central part of this chain.”

EUCAP Nestor is a civilian EU mission mandated to assist countries of the Horn of Africa and Western Indian Ocean develop their capacities and capabilities to ensure maritime security, in particular counter-piracy and maritime governance.


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