Risk Intelligence: PMSC due diligence

Risk Intelligence has carried out 70 assessments of Private Maritime Security Companies (PMSCs) since 2010, which included desk-top assessments, office and ship-board audits. 

21 assessments have so far been carried out in 2013. Of the 19 PMSCs that were inspected this year, 11 were assessed as suitable for employment on client ships. The on-going consolidation of the PMSC market and the pressure on prices is bringing new challenges for quality and quality control, as cost cutting is beginning to have an impact on personnel, training and equipment. Furthermore, many PMSCs are exploring business opportunities in the Gulf of Guinea, but only 21 foreign companies have signed the requisite Memorandum of Understanding with the Nigerian Navy in order to operate legally. Risk Intelligence assistance in performing due diligence on, and in ensuring performance of, PMSCs is only available existing (to) customers. Contact us to learn more.

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