Private Maritime Security Companies (PMSCs) can apply for BIMCO Associate Membership

BIMCO has this week formally started the process of accepting applications from Private Maritime Security Companies (PMSCs) for associate membership – now that certification bodies have been accredited.

BIMCO recognises the crucial importance of the acceptance of a single global standard for companies offering security services on-board ships. PMSCs wishing to join BIMCO must commit to ISO 28007 implementation and certification before starting the application process for membership. Once certified they will also be vetted using an internal process before being approved.

Companies that are successful will then be added to BIMCO’s ‘whitelist’ of PMSCs which all BIMCO members can access to find the BIMCO approved providers of maritime security services.

In May, we plan to advocate at IMO’s Maritime Security Committee that only one common standard is acceptable, audited by an accredited independent third party auditor.

For PMSCs who wish to apply, please read the Joining BIMCO pages of the web site for details on requirements and benefits of associate membership. For those interested companies based in the Middle East, BIMCO is running an ISO 28007 Workshop in Dubai on 29 April 2014.

Key benefits include direct access to open and professional dialogue with the shipping industry and to the BIMCO Maritime Security Committee and many others listed on the BIMCO web site.

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