PMSA Apprehends 22 Indian Fishermen, Seizes 9 Boats

Nine boats were seized and 22 Indian fishermen have been apprehended by Pakistan Marine Security Agency (PMSA) off the International Maritime Boundary Line (IMBL) near Jakhau coast in Gujarat.
Ten fishing trawlers and 52 anglers were fishing in deep sea in an attempt to net a good catch near the IMBL when PMSA apprehended these fishermen and seized their boats yesterday morning, Porbandar Boat Association general secretary Manish Lodhari told PTI.

However, one boat with 30 fisher-folks have been released by the security agency and they are expected to reach Porbandar coast later today, Lodhari said.

Porbandar is 410 km west from here.

The fishing season began on August 15 last year and this is the fourth incident of Indian anglers being apprehended and their boats being seized off the IMBL by PMSA.

On September 20, 2013, PMSA had seized nine Indian fishing boats and apprehended 58 fishermen from Porbandar.

On October 12 last, PMSA had killed one Indian fishermen and kidnapped 30 anglers from near the IMBL. Five Indian boats were also taken away by the security agency.

Also, nine Indian fishing boats were seized and 40 Indian fishermen were apprehended by PMSA for illegally crossing the IMBL off Jakhau coast in Jamnagar district on October 24, 2013.


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