Pirate hunting in the deep seas

PANAJI: Kids from across Goa will get a taste of life on the high seas, with a visit to the naval warship, INS Cankarso on Friday. Organized as part of the Times of India’s Goa for Kids campaign, the tour will give kids candid insights into the operations of the Indian Navy.

The INS Cankarso is a fast-attack craft commissioned by the Navy in 2010. Crewed by four young naval officers and 42 ratings, the Cankarso is inherently a pirate-hunter, maintaining vigil across the south eastern Arabian sea, west of the Lakshwadeep islands. In January 2011, INS Cankarso went to the rescue of a Thai fishing trawler that had been captured and made into a pirate mother ship by a gang of Somalian pirates, who had been terrorizing the area for more than six months.

After an adrenalin-packed fire-off, the pirate ship was sunk and the hostages rescued. The officers aboard Cankarso also rescued 15 pirates on humanitarian grounds and handed them over to the police.

The participants of the GFK tour will get to explore the different parts of a warship get a peek into the kind of armament pirate-hunter packs and hear exciting stories from the officers commanding the ship.

The INS Cankarso is presently docked at the Mormugao Port Trust.

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