Offshore Crew Kidnapped

Reports are emerging that an offshore supply vessel has been boarded by pirates, and crewmembers have been taken hostage. The attack is understood to have taken place early on Thursday morning 7 Nm  SSW from the OFON oil field at 30 Nm off the coast. 

Details are yet to be confirmed, but the vessel name has been stated by sources as being the “Continental 1″. It is understood that 2 speed boats (fiber glass) with 2 outboards engines each carrying 14 gunmen with casual wear (tee shirt) – none of them masked launched the attack. They were lightly armed with AK 47 s.

The vessel  was boarded by pirates without prior detection by the vessel. Pirates reached to the bridge from inside and surprised all personnel on watch. Nobody was injured or harmed on board during the raid, and computers and valuables were taken.

The pirates then turned their attention to the crew and 4 expatriates have been reported (but not yet confirmed) as kidnapped. The crew members are understood to be Polish (Chief Engineer) & 3 Indians (Captain, Chief Officer & Bosun)


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