Nigeria: Unconfirmed Hijacking Report

Sources suggest that an offshore supply vessel (OSV) or tug was attacked on July 7th at approximately 1800 LT whilst underway in position 04:24N – 007:03E on the New Calabar River, en route from Port Harcourt to Nembe. 

The vessel was reportedly carrying supplies when it was attacked by an unknown number of pirates. The report then states that pirates kidnapped the vessel’s Captain, Chief Engineer and an Able Seaman.

No further details are available at this time. There have been fewer reports from the region in recent weeks, leading some to speculate that under-reporting has yet again returned to the region. Late reporting is commonplace and does little to help with domain awareness. Another report suggests a trawler was attacked off Akwa Ibom State on July 5th and that two of its crew were hijacked. Again, there are no further details at this time.