Nigeria: Piracy Threatening Fishing in the Country


President of Nigeria Trawler Owners Association (NTOA), John Overo, said number of fishing trawlers in Nigeria has reduced to 122 from 250 due to criminal violence at the sea.

Overo made the remarks at a meeting with senior naval officers in Abuja. He said members of the association are facing eminent danger as a result of the activities of sea robbers adding that the number of fishing trawlers has reduced from 250 to 122 as a result.

“The reason is that we are being attacked and this attack is prominent around Bonny, Andoni and Opobo. Vessels are hijacked and our fear is that these vessels are taken to other countries to attack others which it may lead to diplomatic problems. We lost so many people.”

The hijackers demand huge ransom to release the vessels and the fishermen, he said.

The Chief of Naval Staff, Vice Admiral Dele Ezeoba said the navy needs accurate and prompt information to act.



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