Maritime Security – A Major focus for the Oil and Gas Sector

Middle East Energy Security Forum (MEESEC) 2013 will highlight the importance of maritime security within the oil and gas sector with a major theme of the forum dedicated to this essential aspect of security.

Natural energy reserves has always been the forerunner of economic discussions due to modern worlds dependency on oil, gas, petrochemical and energy resources. Given the recent discovery of natural gas in the Eastern Mediterranean has been a welcome news. However, close proximity to the Arab Springs and the general political sensitivity in the area poses a concern for each region to secure their energy resources.

This raises the high possibility of potential sabotage to transport infrastructure and likely hood risks at sea. This coupled with the falling currency prices, governments are looking for alternative ways to increase revenue to strengthen local economy. In a recent report by Reuters, the Suez-Canal authority, the quickest waterway route between Asia and Europe, are looking to raise the toll fair effecting the shipping industry greatly. Highlighting the importance of maritime security within the oil and gas sector, the Middle East Energy Security Forum (MEESEC) 2013 will dedicate a major theme of the forum to this essential aspect of security.

Captain Pottengal Mukundan – Director of the International Maritime Bureau (IMB) will address the delegation on the current status of maritime piracy. Speaking from the view of the IMB piracy reporting center, he will focus on the recent experiences of Somalia and Gulf of Guinea and what are the current hot spots, its numbers and the type of attacks reported. Over his career span, Capt. Mukundan has investigated numerous maritime insurance claims including many fraud cases from charterparty failures, diversion of cargoes, phantom ships, hijackings and container theft. He has worked with the IMB since joining them as an investigator in 1981. The IMB is dedicated to the prevention of trade finance, maritime, transport and trade fraud and malpractice. The IMB also manages the IMB Piracy Reporting Center, which is dedicated to the suppression of piracy and armed robbery against ships.

The MEESEC forum will take place between the 25 to 27 November 2013 at Habtoor Grand Beach Resort & Spa, Dubai. Supported by the Security Association for the Maritime Industry (SAMI), the forum is sponsored by Kroll Advisory, Vira Realtime, Thuraya Telecommunication and SAP. The sessions at the forum will also address the protection of oil and gas infrastructure with sea facing boundaries and the user perspective of maritime security with practical examples from Kuwait. Drawing attention on the future of Port Security will be Maritime Security Manager, Lachlan Simpkins of Bechtel. Simpkins will delve on the development of a secure port model for enabling accelerated and smooth flow of people and goods. The Maritime Security session will also include a panel discussion on how to conduct a pre-risk assessment and enhancing crew preparedness to face a piracy threat.

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