Jailed Somali pirates prefers prison life: S Korean reports

The Star/Asia News Network

KOREA – The daily also reported that five Somali pirates, who were jailed after hijacking the MV Samho Jewelry, a South Korean-operated chemical tanker, preferred life in Korean jails than to return to Somalia. They also reportedly put on some 10kg of weight since they were brought into jail in 2011.

Quoting South Korean media reports, it said that the prisoners had expressed willingness to stay in the country, even if it is done through the refugee application process.

A prisoner, who used to be a warder back in Somali, said prisoners back there were prohibited from washing and trimming their nails in the cell. “The facilities and treatment in Korean jails are really good,” he said.

Another prisoner said that he enjoyed prison meals, and would cry every meal time when he thought about his starving children back in Somalia.

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