Incident Alert  – Suspicious Approach on a Fishing Vessel in the Indian Ocean

Incident Alert  – Suspicious Approach on a Fishing Vessel in the Indian Ocean

Date: 10 January 2024 – 1858 UTC Position: 05° 46′ N 055° 56′ E 

Location: Indian Ocean, approximately 430nm east of Somalia 


Incident Details

It was reported by MHCHOA that a vessel was suspiciously approached by two vessels after the crew witnessed at least 3 men and equipment loading into a skiff before advancing to the vessel’s location. The skiff stopped pursuing the vessel approximately 800m from their location after being warned that an armed security team (AST) was onboard.



Neptune P2P Group can confirm that the vessel involved in this incident was a French commercial fishing vessel with an embarked Armed Security Team which subsequently repelled the approach by communicating that they were armed and by displaying their weapons.


It is possible that the fishing vessel was approached by the same Piracy Action Group (PAG) that has been active recently in this region and is possibly linked to hijack incidents involving MV RUEN and LILA NORFOLK. It is likely further boardings will be attempted as this PAG has displayed the capability and intent to hijack transiting vessels. The mitigation measures undertaken by the crew demonstrate the effectiveness of an onboard AST in rebelling piracy activities. It is recommended that all vessels operating in this area follow BMP-5 counter-piracy measures and remain vigilant.