Hijacking film dangerously close to reality

Orla Barry

Acclaimed new film A Hijacking came uncomfortably close to its subject matter during shooting.

A Hijacking, the new film by Director Tobias Lindholm about the hijacking of western vessels by Somali pirates experienced a series of unsettling parallels with the movie’s main theme.

The vessel hired by the crew turned out to be a ship that had already been hijacked while crew members working on board during the shoot had themselves been held hostage for over 100 days.

Mr Lindholm whose previous work includes The Hunt and the Bafta winning TV series Borgen told Orla Barry on the Green Room the discovery was a huge help to the actors but was mindful that the sight of actors playing Somali pirates would adversely affect the crew.

The film which was highly acclaimed at Venice and Toronto film festivals was shot on the Indian Ocean, not far from locations where vessels had previously been held hostage.

The boat drifted dangerously close to the Somalian borders at times and armed guards had to be brought out on board ocasionally, Mr Lindholm said.

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A Hijacking opens in cinemas in May 2013.

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