Chinese Navy Enters West Pacific Ocean for Naval Exercises

Chinese news outlets report that a PLAN flotilla including China’s Nanhai Fleet has entered the West Pacific Ocean today to begin naval exercises.

The Chinese Navy (People’s Liberation Army Navy) has held similar drills in the Indian Ocean in recent months as well as taking part in the multi-navy convoy escort programme which sees merchant ships transiting the IRTC under cover of warships in order to prevent pirate attacks. Earlier this year, they fended off an approach by four skiffs against a convoy they were protecting.

The Chinese Navy conducted 10 different exercises during their time in the Indian Ocean, including anti-piracy and search and rescue missions. The three ship flotilla of naval vessels includes the destroyers Wuhan and Haikou, along with the amphibious landing craft, Changbaishan.

The media reports did not state when the exercise was due to be completed.