Bahraini Naval Vessels take part in CMF Search and Rescue exercise

Units from the Bahrain Navy and Bahrain Coast Guard have recently completed a major Search and Rescue exercise off the coast of Manama, working as part of the Combined Maritime Forces (CMF).

The patrol vessel RBNS Al Jaberi and the corvette RBNS Manama joined RBCGS DAR-14 for Exercise Falcon Response, designed to develop the Bahraini maritime forces’ ability to rescue distressed mariners at sea.

Working with warships from the United States Navy and cutters from the United States Coast Guard, the three Bahraini vessels practiced searching wide areas of open ocean for a simulated ‘casualty’.

The exercise called for close cooperation between the ships and an operations base ashore in Bahrain. Commander Rashed Al Ameen, Commanding Officer of RBNS Al Jaberi, said: “I think the integration between all the participants was outstanding.

“As navies, we only get to see each other at sea. This integration isn’t something we can build overnight, it is the result of training exercise like this one.”

Exercise Falcon Response was coordinated by the Combined Maritime Forces’ Combined Task Force 152, a specialist task group designed to promote maritime security and closer cooperation between regional partners in and around the Gulf.

Based in Bahrain, CTF 152 is comprised of officers from Bahrain, Jordan, Kuwait, the UK, France and the United States.


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