Autopsy of US Security Officers Completed in Seychelles

IN THE latest press release by the Seychelles Police, the cause of death of two US Security Offices is reported to be respiratory failure, with suspicion of heart attack.

The autopsy reports into the cause of death of Jeffrey Reynolds and Mark Kennedy, two US security officers found dead on the Maersk Alabama last week, has concluded that they died of respiratory failure, with suspicion of myocardial infarction (heart attack).

Samples of urine, blood, stomach contents etc, from the two men are being sent to Mauritius for forensic analysis to establish if they had consumed a substance which may have induced these events.

The Police preliminary investigation report includes suspicion of drug use, as indicated by the presence of a syringe and traces of heroin which were found in the cabin.

Arrangements are underway for the repatriation of Reynolds and Kennedy, states Jean Toussaint, Public Relations Manager for the Seychelles Police.


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