Incident Alert – Possible Pirate Attack – Approximately 60NM South of Bonny, Nigeria

INCIDENT ALERT – Possible Pirate Attack – Approximately 60NM South of Bonny, Nigeria
Date: 27 June 2023 1000 UTC
Position: Lat 3° 26′ 41″ N – Long 6° 30′ 18″ E
Location: Gulf of Guinea, Approx 60NM South of the Nigerian coast


Incident Details:

It has been reported by the IMB PRC that an unnamed vessel has issued an alert likely indicating that they have been attacked by pirates in the waters between Equatorial Guinea and the Abgami oil field. There is no more information available at present.


Neptune P2P Group Analysis:

Comment: If confirmed, this is the second incident in a week concerning piracy in the Gulf of Guinea. 22 June 2023, a vessel south of Conakry was boarded by 4 armed personnel, before stealing the money from the safe on board. We are awaiting confirmation of the location and detail behind this latest incident.

Analysis: These incidents indicate that even with the decline in piracy in the GoG in recent months, the problem persists. Although there is limited information about this event, it is likely that an armed piracy attack took place with a financial motive in mind. All vessels operating in the area are advised to remain vigilant and employ an appropriate watch system.