Houthi Rebels Threaten To Bomb Somaliland’s Berbera Port Run By UAE

The Yemeni’s Houthi rebel group has warned on Sunday that it will strike Somaliland’s Berbera port should authority in Somaliland continue its lease agreement to the United Arab Emirates, the group said.

In a video posted online, the Houthi commander said the group will be forced to use its ballistic missiles to bombard Berbera to strike the UAE base.

“We are telling Somaliland authorities that our rockets will reach Berbera, should you continue your intention to prove Berbera as a base for UAE military.” the video statement read by unnamed Houthi commander said.

“If you do so, then you have made the wrong decision,” he said referring the agreement between Somaliland, a self-declared region in northern Somalia with the UAE.

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